About Jaded Grace

Jaded Grace is my personal experience of surviving childhood sexual abuse and coming to my own spiritual enlightenment through a series of awakenings.

I journey through the effects the abuse had on my life, my battle against drug and alcohol addiction, the throes of depression, the lure of the sex industry and the repercussions of my chosen lifestyle as an exotic dancer. I share the inner strife, unyielding pain and horrific behavior of a battered and broken spirit, and how I transform through the simple courage to heal.

It begins during my darkest hour and an intent to end my life. I write a suicide note reaching out to offer the world my story as one last hope to help someone, anyone in the same kind of pain. My final desire was to let someone know that I understood what pain was and how I saw it in so many but at that time was hopeless to heal. Out of desperation to understand the world in which I lived, the world in which I both loved and hated and the world from which I would choose to abandon, Jaded Grace was born. From the depths of despair but with a heart yearning to heal, my experience with another realm would seize the act of suicide for the time it took to write the book and prompt a spiritual journey taken on faith and guidance from a world beyond ours.

By the end of the shared journey, eight years later, I have not killed myself but yet changed my entire life – reborn of love and a joyous thirst for living to the fullest. A hopeless wounded girl becomes a woman of integrity. A victim becomes a survivor. It carves a path of healing, from the dark into the light, for those that come from all walks of life. It shares the pains we all experience in one way or another because we are all One.

Ultimately, Jaded Grace is my voice. The voice that was once stolen from me.  And, I hope it becomes a voice for those who remain silent.

Shannon has that rare ability to write with a breathtaking rawness that allows the reader to immerse themselves in the emotional depth the story so brilliantly portrays. Her book, Jaded Grace, is a must read for anyone going through recovery from any addictive substance or relationship. Young or old, you will be gripped by her reflection and courage as she takes you through her transformational journey. Jasmyne Boswell, Author and Writing Coach

Shannon’s book rocks with raw power and emotion. It is an inspiring journey from the depths of despair to freedom. Anyone who has felt there in no way out needs to read Jaded Grace and discover that they too, can step back into loving themselves.  Peter Mellen, Author Ultimate Happiness

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40 responses to “About Jaded Grace

  1. Love that you found voice… blessing’s Shannon.. spirit move’s with grace for heart’s to see.. Miigwetch for Being.

  2. I admire you too…. and for anyone who actually completes their book! Can you imagine how exciting it will be to have it in our hands?! Hope you are feeling better! Missed you in class!

  3. Dearest Shannon. Today we (Kathi and I) met Lisa for lunch and she told me about the book you have written and the wonderful reviews it is receiving. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to get home and access your blog. Reading your synopsis immediately drew me in, took my breath away and, honestly, brought a tear to my eye. I am anxcious and excited to read your book in it’s entirety. It’s going to touch so many people in such a profound way, as it has me.
    I love you very much. xo

  4. This is so wonderful Shannon! Congratulations. The synopsis is beautifully compelling. I am so inspired by your words and who you have created yourself to be.

  5. Shannon, your synopsis is riviting and drew me in instantly!! Words can’t discribe on proud I am for you!!! Can’t wait to read…you have truly done what others only dream..elaphant you until infinity is over!!!

  6. I am so happy for you and I have a feeling this book will reach deep for any people. Myself included. Thanks for your courage and congratulations!:)

  7. @ Tia – Thank you Tia! You are an inspiration, as always.
    @ Dave – Thanks Dave! Much love back at ya!
    @ Mary – My dear friend, you’re support helped me through some of the darkest days of my life. I love you and yes, I did it. I finally did it.
    @ Heidi – I admire you as well! I can’t wait to see the beautiful array of color in your book! It’s been a pleasure to see both of our books develop. Yours so light and cheery and mine, well, you know. LOL
    @ Daniela – I’m so glad to have met such a special woman both at the end and at the beginning. You have a special place in my heart as the one who lets me have my tears.
    @ Sharyn – Thank you my dear and favorite Maui actor! xo
    @ Mickey – I truly appreciate your interest and support. I’m so glad to have met you and your family.
    @ Christopher – Oh Chris, to the one who truly forced me to overcome my obstacles. I hope you enjoy the read.
    @ Angela – Thank you darling! I so hope it will and you can let me know if it did after you read it.:)
    @ Laura – Oh Laura, thank you for being my friend. You may not have known back then what a lonely little girl I was or yet, maybe you did. You are a beautiful soul and our friendship was/is special to me.

    Mahalo to all the beautiful people who have made their comments! It keeps me inspired and true to the path! Kiss Hug! Shannon

  8. Shannon- Oh my goodness…that just tugged at my heartstrings! You’re a brave, strong beautiful women!!! Sending you lots of hugs & love, Vicki

    • Wow Vicki, thank you. It’s been a long time since high school. I hope your life has been everything you’ve wanted it to be. In truth, mine almost has. It’s just unfolded in different ways. Your words of encouragement mean a lot to me.

  9. Congratulations Shannon.

    Glad you found the strength to wade through your painful past and emerge triumphant.
    I look forward to reading your story! Woohooo!

    Gail Tredwell

    • I’m so glad to have spent so much time during the development of our books. I too, look forward to reading yours. Yes, triumphant and liberating! God heals in many ways. ;0)

  10. Shannon, you allowed me to read the early chapters of your book in its infancy. I was drawn in and now I finally get to reap what what you have sown:Jaded Grace completed! I know what a process it has been for you. Though I haven’t yet read the final chapters of your book, I know how well it “ends” because I get to spend time with you as a friend today. I love being with you when time allows (wish it could be more often) and please know I treasure you!

    • Oh Robin! I love you! I remember when we first met, after a short conversation, you looked my straight in the eye and said “We’re kindred spirts.” We’ve been friends ever since. You’re such a light, a great source of inspiration and I’m delighted to have you in my life. Your support, not only with reading my book, but with my recovery and my relationships has led me to great places. xo

  11. Shannon~~You are truly an inspiration to all. Thank you for having the strength and courage to do what most others would not be able to. I know your book will change many lives, and help others to know they are not alone. I am looking forward to reading “your story”. I know it will touch my heart in many ways. Oh what a gift YOU are~~May you continue to be Blessed, and to be an angel that will change the lives of all who read your book. Love, Deb

  12. Hurray Shannon-
    what an amazing treat it was to be able to hear some of your story while you were writing it. I was so touched by each reading.. can’t wait to read it in full!
    much love to you

  13. Thank you for sharing to help others. Looking so forward to reading your story!!
    A wonderful ministry!!! Good for you!!!

  14. I didn’t realize what you had gone through when I knew you at SJ AppleVac. I always admired you and your friendliness. Looking forward to reading your book. Congratulations on being a “published” author. “Uncle” Bill

  15. Dear Shannon, I just received a message from Laura regarding you and your book. First of all, I am so glad to hear that you are doing well, living in the islands and have become a “published” author. Well done!!! I have many fond memories of our friendship. Hopefully we can meet up again. Wishing you peace and love – Robin

  16. Dear Shannon, Wow, congratulations…I always felt you were destined for greatness and here you are! I can not wait to read your book. You have always been an incredibly beautiful person inside and out. With the utmost admiration, Kristi Lundby

  17. Congrats Shannon, I have always hoped and wished the best for you. I look forward to reading your book.

    May your dreams always come true.


  18. Dear Shannon, I am on chapter 8 and I want to tell you and others that your style of writing is engaging and gripping. There are many descriptions that are birthed in great imagination. I love many of your interpretations of personal insights. You didn’t just tell a story you told it with artistry. I am a voracious reader and this will be one of my recommendations for others. There is nothing I like more than to see someone follow through and stand in their own light.

  19. Shannon, I am the man who you sat next to on the plane from Maui to Los Angeles. Hope that your conference is going well in New York. My goodness, I did not realize what a celebrity you were. I know that the Lord never makes any mistakes, and it was no mistake that we were seated next to each other. Just reading the intro to your book really intrigued me to get a copy. I am glad that we were able to talk, even if it was just for a few moments. As a follower of Jesus Christ Shannon; I know God loves us beyond measure, and that He has made provisions for us to spend all eternity with Him. I am glad Shannon that you have come as far as you have, and was able to work through all of the pain, and the struggles that it took you to reach this point in your life; not only to survive the lie of Satan (suicide), but to have the gift to help others deal with the same issues that multitudes are facing today. Who better to help people see the light of God, the comfort and the peace, and tranquility of forgiveness, than someone like your self who has survived the darkness of evil, and come through it so beautifully. God bless you, and hope that you have a wonderful week. Love in Christ, pastor Bob.

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